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  • I talked with you a bit after receiving my cabinet lift, but hadn?t gotten to use it yet. Just wanted to thank you again for shipping it to me here in Alaska, and for such an excellent product. Got to first use it to install an oversized commercial style vent hood. Made a job that would have been a hassle and required two people, into a simple task by myself. It was awesome! Then helped me install a 54? tall corner cabinet that I could have never lifted alone. Felt worth the cost with just those two tasks accomplished. Look forward to finding many more uses for it in the years to come. My only regret, I wish I would have found it sooner!

Dale Rowland

  • Leo,

    I bought your e-z lift last week and installed a large range hood in 2 hours. It went up the first time and allowed me and the designer to adjust at will it's precise location. I lag bolted it in and it was like a rock! I then used it for the blower too, and what a dream! The designer said.... Boy this was money well spent... He loved the fact that he had flexibility to adjust it's location to the 1/32 inch and loved the fact that there was no risk, no grunting, no excessive strip drilling and re drilling, and the product was never touched and dangered with any man-handling. The levelers were terrific too! I like it because I can now train other workers to do installs without worrying about injuries to them or the product... This product cut my install time in 1/2 and made me, my client and his client feel great and secure. Awesome product...!!! Just buy it!

Rich Macar,
Milford, NJ

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars A Real Wife-Saver, October 6, 2009

    Except for installing the granite counter tops, my wife and I did all the work in completely remodeling the kitchen and casual eating area of our 1874 home. I spent two days searching for a cabinet lift to rent to no avail. While the cost seemed a little steep for what was expected to be a one-time use, it actually turned out to be a real wife-saver. A six-foot run of cabinets was easily assembled and positioned/adjusted without the grunting, groaning, and whining one might anticipate using the "Dear, could you give me a hand with lifting this?" method. We even made use of the padded feet installing a cabinet after the counter tops had been installed. Lift capability was fully utilized for an over-the-refrigerator cabinet and over a stick-built closet. We also used it to install the microwave oven and a 40" HDTV. The word spread and we have since recovered nearly half the initial cost by renting it out to other DIY's.

By John Eilenberg "Humbled Renovator"
(Plainwell, MI USA)
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This review is for the E-Z Lift Cabinet Jack

  • Great TV Lift!

    Great TV Lift! I've been very happy with this product. Something important to me was that it is easy to transport. The lift easily breaks down and it's light enough to be easy to carry around. It's very stable and easy to use. I don't always need to use the lift to mount TV's but I have found it's great for getting the TV up in the air, stable, and safe while making the connections then manually lifting the TV onto the wall mount. This massively cuts down on the risks while prepping a TV for mounting. I used to set the TV on top of furniture risking scratching the furniture or having the TV lose balance and fall, or having a helper hold the TV close to the wall while making connections. This is so much better! Thanks for a great product.

By Justin Shipe
Dream A/V

  • Hi Leo:

    I just wanted to let you know that your lift works great!!. [Click here for] the blurb I posted to our Barista Supremo operator forum in case other Operators around the US and Can want one too. Thank you so much for making this


  • Dear E-Z lift,

    You were nice enough to customize a lift for my wife who is a wedding cake designer. She uses it for decorating -- and most importantly to move the heavy cakes (up to 125 pounds) in and out of the refrigerator. I very much recommend you bring your lifts to the next exhibition of the International Cake Exploration Societe. You'll sell scads of them to cake makers who have been breaking their backs up until now.

Randy Barrett
Falls Church, VA

  • Leo,

    After procrastinating for two years on the purchase of your lift, I finally made the purchase last week. We do 5-6 kitchens a year and your tool is invaluable to a quality installation. My customer was impressed with us using your lift on the most expensive investment of his kitchen remodel. I was also happy to find how versatile the lift was from using the tilting table to just keeping upward pressure on a cabinet to "tweak" it into position. My next project starts in two weeks and the customer is spending over $30,000 on cabinets alone. I can't imagine the installation without the use of this lift. The quality and engineering of this product is outstanding as well. Thank you.

Jim Kelly
Kelly Remodeling

  • Leo,

    I received your cabinet lift under trying circumstances. After having another brand of lift for 2 years, it was stolen off a job site. I had seen your web site some time ago and always thought if I were ever in need of a second lift, I would like to have your unit. After talking with you about the lift you were able to get it to me on the day you promised, and for that I can not thank you enough. It was in service the next morning. The quality and engineering that you have put into this product is outstanding. The feature that most impressed me was the tilting table. Because I am a solo installer this feature alone is outstanding.

    Thank you again Leo for a product that is and does exactly what is expected of it.

John L. Williams
Williams Exteriors & Const.
Kankakee, IL

  • Leo:

    Over the years, I have installed a good number of cabinets, but every time, I have had a number of people on the job site to assist me. After three spinal surgeries forced an early retirement, I am not close to the human that I once was, and I know that I need a lot of help on my projects. That doesn't mean that I can afford to pay someone, and it also doesn't mean that my cabinets are going to hang themselves. I thought of all of the cheesy ways that I could build "stuff" to assist me, and then I found you on the web. I have a lot of cabinets to install in our new home, and I figured it was less expensive to purchase your lift than to hire helpers. When I ordered from you, it was the same day that you came out on the cover of Fine Homebuilding. I hoped that was a good omen.

    I've been waiting for the five shipping days like I used to wait for the precious stuff that I would send away for with cereal box tops, back in the early sixties. The delivery was today, and I had my upper cabinet bank attached together and waiting, but then, I had to assemble your product. I was totally prepared for instructions like the ones that I got years ago telling me how to put together my kid's bike.

    You know the ones, with misspelled words and no part C for the part D. I was shocked when your product went together in about ten minutes. I could have done it faster, but I kept re-reading the instructions, as I was sure that nothing could be that simple. Once assembled, I lifted the cabinets onto the table and cranked them into position. Then I think, "what a dope, I should have made sure this was properly balanced and centered". It is then that I realize that with only a couple of turns of your leveling screws that this puppy is perfect. It took longer to assemble your lift than it did to install an upper cabinet bank! Thanks for your product. My neck and back love it.

Tom Kennedy
Bigfork, MT

  • Leo,

    I received my E-Z Lift last week and I love it. I installed 2 complete sets of cabinets since I received the E-Z Lift on Wednesday afternoon.

    I install cabinets for Habitat for Humanity of Tulare County and make and install cabinets for remodeling projects. Prior to purchasing your E-Z Lift I had tried several other methods 1) using a wall cleat 2) having two other people lift and hold the cabinets while I install them and 3) using a "dead man" support. All of them were time consuming and frustrating. Your E-Z Lift is the easiest and fastest method I have ever used. I love it!!!

    Thank you for making my life easier.

Diane Vessels
ReStore Manager
Habitat for Humanity of Tulare County
715 S. Bridge, Visalia, CA 93292

  • Lee,

    After over 200 installations with your original lift, some one stole it off our job site. I am glad that you can get a new one out to us quickly. I would like to thank you and tell you just how important the E-Z lift is to us.

    Yes, the E-Z Lift saves time, yes the E-Z lift can be used for lots of other things (setting microwaves, stove hoods, Ceiling Fans, Duct work...), yes it is strong and built to last (200 + kitchens and no problems). Yes it is priced right, yes yes yes.

    But the most important thing to us, is that it lets us professionals be professional. No more playing muscle man lifting four uppers screwed together, no more cutting "sticks" to support the front of the cabinets, no more having the cabinets slip off the 1x2 that we nailed to the back wall!

    There is nothing worse than installing a $50,000 kitchen, and having the home owner watch you play with 1x2 legs to hold up their new cabinets! We end up looking like a bunch of amateurs. SO EMBARRASSING! Your E-Z lift makes us look and act like the professionals we are.

    Thank you. We look forward to another 200 + with the new E-Z lift !

Stanley LaPorta
Appleton Custom Kitchens

  • I recently purchased your EZ-lift for remodeling rental property. It did an outstanding job in helping me remove the old cabinets and installing new kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinets and OTR microwave ovens. The levelers are helpful when dealing with uneven floors. Thanks for a great product.

George Buchkowski,
Marietta, GA

  • Thank you for the prompt delivery of my new E-Z Lift Cabinet Jack. The time I save in installing cabinets with the added precision will soon pay for the cost of this fantastic tool. Like all cabinet installers before me, I've tried every trick in the book to help hang cabinets. Nothing I've ever tried comes close to what I can achieve BY MYSELF!

John Adcox
Lincoln, Nebraska

  • Thank you for developing the cabinet lift. I can now install kitchen (12 to 16) cabinets by myself in 6 hours. I also use the lift to install microwave ovens. Thank you again for this great helper.

Franklin, NC

  • Leo

    I just bought one of your E-Z lifts and was sold the first day. I'm a trim carpenter and will get great use of this tool daily. A very solid and well made piece. A lot stronger than my back. Very ingenious!! Thanks

Ken Byler,
Zionsville, IN

  • Leo

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for a great product and to thank you for all of your help and support. We bought our first cabinet lift about a year ago and we absolutely love it. Your cabinet lift makes a world of difference in the way we perform our installations. We no longer have to strain to lift each individual cabinet and hold it level before screwing to the wall and worry about dropping or damaging the cabinet.

    Now, we just screw a whole wall run of cabinets together and then jack them up into position and mount them accurately into place. (look ma' no hands!) It's GREAT !

    We love the cabinet lift so much we just had to purchase a second one to outfit a second install crew we added. Because of your product we have been able to double our business and only work half as hard. Thanks for a great product!!!!! I highly recommend getting one of these cabinet lifts to anybody who has ever put cabinets up the old fashioned way, or if you do more than one cabinet install a year and want to see the world in a whole new light ...GET ONE OF THESE LIFTS ASAP !!!!!

    Thanks a million!

Mike McClelland,
Project Manager
B-Unique Contracted Services

  • I ordered the easy lift, then had to add rush shipping the next day which was $115.00. I received it on Thursday, installed 1 kitchen on Fri. 1 and 1/2 kitchens on a Saturday. BY MY SELF. I saved over $400.00 on the first weekend of use. It will pay for itself in 1 week. No employee, no comp, no unemployment etc. No brainier! I'm ordering another one, maybe 2.

    Richard Peters
    Dimensional Construction LLC
    Roseburg, OR

  • Lee

    I received the E-Z lift and put it to work the very next day. Outstanding!! quality with Outstanding results! I am extremely pleased with your product. Highly recommended tool. A real time saver and no strain on the human body! thank you so much.

Hamilton McGraw, Owner
McGraw General Contractors

  • I just finished using the E-Z Lift Cabinet Lifter. I couldn't believe how easy it was to use to install the wall cabinets. Attaching them together on the floor and raising them as an assembly made the job go so fast I could hardly believe it. The money I spent on the tool more than offset the thousands of dollars that I would have had to pay a kitchen installation company to do the complete job.


Tom O'Connell
Grand Forks, MI

  • We are a small kitchen remodeling Company. One of my employees was surfing the Internet and came across your E-Z Lift tool. I purchased one and was very pleased at how much time it saved us on our last installation job. It was lightweight enough for one man to handle but strong enough to support multiple cabinets with ease. It is reasonably priced and solidly built. I would highly recommend this tool to any Contractor or home owner doing their own kitchen installation.

Dave Merito
Simi Valley, California

  • Lee:

    Thank you so much for your marvelous tool, the EZ-Lift. It was a lifesaver during our kitchen remodeling. It would have been impossible to install the cabinets so quickly and so perfectly without it. My kitchen designer was amazed at this tool and at the superb installation job. I have also used the EZ-Lift to install a heavy double oven in addition to helping me with other jobs. I am thoroughly satisfied with the EZ-Lift and intend to keep it for future projects. I highly recommend the EZ-Lift to all contractors and weekend warriors who prefer to work alone, it is easier to get along with it than my brother in law...

    Thanks again.

Alain Philippe
Baltimore, MD

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