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  • Hello, my name is Ben, I run the Northern California Division of Gizmo Custom Systems. Weíre a Custom Installation & AV Company located in both Northern and Southern California. Iíve been an av and electrical installer for almost 20 years. While we keep a large crew in LA, in the bay area, I keep a small crew, and prefer to work on my own whenever possible. Several years ago, in between hiring helpers, I thought up a contraption that would let me install large TVs on my own. It was so specific and would meet such a small market, I didnít think anything like it could be made without a huge amount of trouble. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I found your product online a few months back. We ordered one immediately. Iíve since used it for 3 installs, and have shipped it to a remote site, which allowed me to do a remote install on my own without the expense of bringing a helper. Iíve attached images of the last 75Ē TV I hung completely on my own. I actually used the lift to remove it from a wall where it had been hung previously, rolled it to another floor in the same building, and re-installed. No helper, that is, except for the TV Lift. The winch is as smooth and strong as anyone could ask for, and it holds any amount of weight with confidence. Simply moving the assembled tool around lets you feel that this is a device that will handle anything you can throw at it. It allows finite adjustment, enough to easily lower a TV onto an articulating arm. Better still, it allows a single individual to service large TVs that are installed on flat mounts, without having to completely remove them from the wall and be disconnected.
    My Grandfather was a farmer, and my Father was skilled with just about every tool you could imagine, so I learned early on that with the right tool, you can do anything. This piece of equipment is a marvel. It is incredibly well made, expertly planned out, and exudes quality and durability. Everything you want from a good tool. Iíve also used it for larger installs of TVs in the 80Ē range, where even with a helper, it becomes challenging to hold the display safely while making final connections, and getting it safely onto the wall. This unit takes all the hard parts out of even multiple man installations. We plan to purchase a 2nd unit soon for our Southern California branch, and I expect to continue to find new ways to apply it usefully in the field. This tool should be standard equipment for any serious AV installer, and it will always be in my tool lineup moving forward.
    Kind Regards,

    Ben Vandivier

TV being installed

TV being installed

TV being installed

TV being installed

  • Images of a recent installation - Written testimonial to follow shortly

    80" TV in courtroom
    80" TV in courtroom
    Using your lift to move large flat panel TV around job site
    Using your lift to move large
    flat panel TV around job site

    TV being installed in Crystal Falls, MI Courthouse
    TV being installed in
    Crystal Falls, MI Courthouse

    Lift with 80" TV installed in Courthouse
    Lift with 80" TV
    installed in Courthouse

    Kentucky Transportation Main Office
    TV being installed in Kentucky
    Transportation Main Office

  • Leo,

    First there was the invention of the remote control, and now there is the E-Z Lift Flat Panel TV Lift. Like American Express, I do not leave home without it!!! I am an Audio/Video tech for Modern System Concepts in Houston, TX. When my coworker and I almost dropped a 64" Plasma TV, while trying to mount it above a fireplace, we knew something had to change. I searched the Internet for something to solve my problem and I came upon this product - the only one of its kind. I thought long and hard and decided to make the purchase. This lift should be named "The Buddy Lift" because it will take the place of your helper. I can easily mount a 52" plasma by myself....sorry.... and my "Buddy Lift". Because I am also a project manager I also have to look at the "safety" side of things. Ever tried lifting a plasma above your head onto a wall? How about climbing a ladder and lifting the plasma onto the wall? Don't get me wrong, it can be done, but how safe was it done? Going back to how my coworker and I almost dropped that TV, even with two ladders set up, with him on one and me on the other. As we each climbed the ladders he pushed a little too much, and I almost lost my balance on my ladder. The safer way would have been to use the EZ-Lift. No straining of your back and no awkward positions. For you owners, using this tool will eliminate Workers Compensation claims. Just lift the TV up to the bracket, connect your wires and tilt the TV back onto the bracket. One last note, my customers thought I looked even more professional using this tool. It is just a smart way of doing things and your customers would agree.

    Jody Popkowski
    Modern System Concepts
    Katy, TX

  • Leo,

    The lift arrived yesterday as you promised, and we used it today. We do not do cabinets, but instead are Audio/Video custom Installers. As we have gotten older and plasmas have gotten larger and HEAVIER, we needed HELP. We rented one of these lifts to hang a couple of 60 inch plasmas and decided WE WANT ONE ! It worked great today and we think it will extend our time staying in this type of work.

    Gene and Peggy

  • Hi Leo:

    I know it's been a while. You tool works great! Here are some pics of your E-Z Lift Cabinet Jack in action lifting computer servers into place that weigh about 100 lbs. each.

    James Lee
    California Department of Water Resources
Server Installation Server Installation Server Installation

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