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Pictoral comments from some satisfied users of the E-Z Lift tool....

Kendall Barrett working with her lift Here's a photo of Kendall Barrett working with her lift. She uses
her custom lift for decorating as well as moving her heavy cakes,
which can weigh up to 125 pounds.


Love the lift that I got from you last week. I had just purchased an adjustable plank to help me tape my kitchen ceiling when I realized it was too wide for one of my stepladders. Boiling with frustration - I scanned the room for a solution - Voila!

I haven't taken the felt feet off yet (so it won't roll) - cranked it up to the approx height - put a level on it to tweak it, and I was in business. I had my 12 year old snap a quick pic for you. (Wife was impressed too)!

Tom Heck
Pennington, NJ

Unauthorized Use!
Installing cabinets is not all that
the E-Z Lift Cabinet Jack can do. Here
is another example of it's versatility.
...and then Tom wrote...

I still haven't hung a damn cabinet yet - but I love this tool!

Here I am using it to hold 8' sheetrock in place (I have 9' ceilings) so I can attach it. Of course, some would say - buy 10' sheets and cut a foot off. However, it's all I can do to carry and manage an 8' piece - this works fine (besides - the bottom seam is covered by cabinetry).

I enjoy working alone and this tool makes it that much easier - thanks again.


Unauthorized Use!

Moving the cabinets into place...

Moving the cabinets into place...

Lifting the cabinets... Lifting the cabinets...

I have to tell you -- the cabinet lift was/is a Godsend

Mike T. Marriott
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Matrix Service Inc.
Bellingham, WA 98226

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