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E-Z Tool

The E-Z tool is a virtually silent, portable, hydraulically operated spreader with multiple uses. (As a door frame spreader and a 26 lb. battering ram.) It is used for steel or wood inward opening doors and is constructed of alloy steel and high strength aluminum alloy. Also, no air compressor or electric is needed.

The E-Z tool is used to spread a door frame enough so the latch and deadbolt clear the frame while leaving virtually no damage to the door and frame. Once this is done all that's needed is to push the door open to gain access to the property. The tool is easily adjusted to accommodate openings 32" to 48" wide. It can be used by rescue squads, law enforcement agencies, ambulances, locksmiths and carpenters. It is not always necessary to destroy the door, deadbolt, knob and frame to gain entry in an emergency situation.

All assemblies are 100% modular with no tools needed for assembly. Set up time takes less than one minute.

The hydraulic assembly is top quality with a welded base for leak proof operation. It is very powerful, with a rating of 6,000 lbs. of force. Also, the hydraulic fluid will not freeze in temperatures below 32 degrees.

The E-Z Tool has a one year, unconditional warranty on all parts.

E-Z Tool
E-Z Tool 32" to 48" Spreader

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Fine Home Building Magazine
The E-Z Lift was
featured in the Nov.'05
issue of Fine Home
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